Saturday, February 20, 2010

swing tops

hand made that head piece although not the best picture of me i would like it to stay up because i worked hard on that piece!


  1. you should not be apart of this blog, just the other girl should. you do not dress cute at all!

  2. ok well we all have our own opinions. and you obviously dont have a life if all you do if go on OUR blog and wait for me to delete your comments so that you can comment again but im just not going to even bother deleting your comment this time and if you want to "cyber bully" me then go out of anonymous! this is MINE and sammys blog so deal with it and if you dont like that then dont go on it. And if you hate me so much then whats up with your obsession? your not cool so just let a 13 year old girl be herself and have fun i dont need any of your shit thank you very much so you can just F off got that?

  3. Dear Anonymous, I'm sorry your a jealous little bitch. You are probably a nasty pimple faced MHS student who's obsessed with Ali and Sammy. Why don't you get a life of your own and get off you fat pre-pubescent ass. If you don't like the blog then DON'T LOOK you fucking little retard :)

    -Chelsea W.

  4. ew why is karena on here?